Essential functionality for decentralized and trustless subname rentals in the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) ecosystem.
we believe:
The next great cities will be built online.
Our Work

Building the Internet infrastructure of the future.

As the world becomes ever more digital, digital artifacts and experiences are becoming more valued. Web3 will enable everyone to own, share, and enjoy the digital things they love, in a way that respects private ownership and autonomy. We are helping to bring about this future by building the infrastructure for the Internet of value.

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Building the ecosystem.

We are builders working to decentralize the Internet using cryptography and blockchain technology. We see the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) as a foundational new type of computing platform being built by a community of dedicated teams. Our approach is to build permissionless tools that anyone can use in the ecosystem.

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Unruggable Labs is funded by grants. We continue to seek support from the Web3 community.