About Us
unruggable (adj.): Not susceptible to "rug pulls" or other forms of sudden exit scams in the realm of digital assets, such as NFTs or DeFi protocols.
We are making the world more "unruggable".

Web3 is often called the Internet of value, but it can also be understood to be a new computing platform where the operating system is decentralized and made of up many foundational components such as EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), cryptographic primitives like public and private key cryptography, and application level protocols like ENS (Ethereum Name Service).

Unruggable Labs is building critical infrastructure for Web3 including L2 ENS Names and ENS Subname Rentals, which are both built on top of ENS (Ethereum Name Service). ENS Subname Rentals allows for renters to trustlessly rent subnames, e.g. tom.isme.eth, from parent name owners, e.g. isme.eth, without the parent name owner being able to arbitrarily raise the rent on the renter.

Unruggable Labs was founded by Prem Makeig (premm.eth), who is a founding member of the ENS DAO and a Web3 developer who contributed to the ENS protocol, including through work on the ENS NameWrapper smart contract. He can be reached via Twitter or Telegram @nxt3d.